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      "Do you come here often?" the girl was saying. He had been introduced to her once, but he couldn't remember her name. It was there, filed away....

      "You will each of you rise, hold up your right hand and be sworn," said the Judge-Advocate, and they each pronounced after him the prolix and ponderous oath prescribed by the regulations:

      "One goes alone," Cadnan said, feeling himself tremble and trying to control it. "You must go."

      Yet Dara would be safe. That was the important thing. One thing at a time.


      (This part of the letter had cost Shorty nearly an hour of anxious thought. He had at first written "Dere Miss Maria," and then recoiled, shuddered and blushed at the thought of the affectionate familiarity implied. Then he had scrawled, one after another, the whole gamut of beginnings, before he decided upon addressing her, as was her right, as formally as he would the wife of the President.)


      "Sure." Albin went up to the door and knocked. From inside they could hear a dim babel of voices. After a second he knocked again, more loudly.Albin beamed. "Psych division," he said. "Come on."


      "Reckon I can," said Albert good-naturedly, knowing that some day he might want his brother to do the same for him.