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      She hesitated a moment.Not the pearl suite, nor the diamond suite, nor the emerald suite, nor any of them, replied Esmeralda, firmly. Stay; give me my Australian heart. She caught sight of[223] the locket Norman had given her, and pointed to it. That, too, she said.

      "I'm not! I'm none! And if I were one"--the disclaimant glistened with mirth--"I couldn't be as poor a one as he is; he's afraid of his own bait." She began to laugh but had to force back her tears: "I didn't mean that! He's never had any bait--for me, nor wanted any. Neither he nor I ever--Really, Con, you are the only one who's made any mistake as to either of us! You seem to think--"


      On the uncle's side of the fence a quick step brought a newcomer, a Creole of maybe twenty-nine years, member of his new staff, in bright uniform:



      I must go to her at once, said Trafford, feverishly.