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      Calverley's countenance displayed the mortification with which he received the intelligence, but presented the gospels to Holgrave in silence.

      Realf went white to the lips, and said nothing.

      "You come from Odiam, don't you?" she asked.He saw Gornom raise his hands over his head and chant: "Tall are the masters."

      "It's from Rose," said Caro timidly.

      "Life is worth while," said Alice, "in itself, not because of what it gives you."

      "You can quite easy, surelye. M?aster's going to Cranbrook Fair, and w?an't be home till l?ate. It's the last night, remember."

      Chapter 12


      It was about midnight when the party set out, well armed and muffled in large cloaks, and in less than two hours arrived within view of Winchcombe. Here, without entering the town, they turned into a lane branching off to the left, that led to Hailes Abbey, and down this avenue the galleyman piloted his companions. The way was narrowat least two only could ride abreastwith a hedge on each side, and here and there the picturesque branches of a well-grown elm, displaying at this season (in the daylight) the soft green of the budding leaves. They had proceeded in silence about half a mile, when the galleyman suddenly paused.


      "You must come away with me," he said abruptly."No, Reuben, I could never do anything but fight your schemes. I think you are wasting and spoiling your life, and there's no use expecting me to stand by you."


      "Are ye drawlatches or murderers?" asked Holgrave in a fierce voice, as he started up and sprung to the ladder, "that you break open a man's house at this hour?"