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      "Hilary tells me they do," he replied, "but the more he says it the less I believe him. Miss Flora, the fate of all my uncle holds dear is hanging by a thread, a spider's web, a young girl's freak! If ever she gives him a certain turn of the hand, the right glance of her eye, he'll be at her feet and every hope I cherish--"It was her wedding-night.

      "Well," cried Constance to Flora, who had grown silent, "the battery will love him all the more!"

      "No!" laughed the nephew, "nothing would!"There was a gentle significance in the question which brought the color to Liliass face. Esmeralda said no more, and both girls stood in silence and watched the solitary figure pacing up and down between them; then Lilias kissed Esmeralda.

      She breathed quickly.

      Only grief can ease me while those lashes languish.

      Yes? said Esmeralda; and her coolness and absence of vanity made, strangely enough, Lady Adas dislike more vivid.Youre quite right, he said. Im an idiot to go back to it. I beg your pardon. As you say, what does it matter? You are married now, and to the best fellow in the world. Theres no one like Traffordno oneand you are sure to be happy.


      Not literally. That evening, yes, an end of it, but not the very next four, did Kincaid spend with Anna. It merely looked so to Flora Valcour.[239]


      What else? demanded Lady Wyndover, smiling, and with her delicately penciled brows arched interrogatively.


      The hours passed by, hours fraught with such anguish as few men have suffered. As he knelt there beside the girl who was his wife only in name, Trafford had no thought for anything but his love for her. He did not ask himself if she were guilty; at that moment he did not care. If she had opened her lips and confessed her guilt, he would not have cared. He loved her; and she had offered her life for him. Yes. Whether she had ever loved him or not she had been willing to die for him. There was no woman in the world like her, guilty or not; and he loved herloved her! It was all summed up in that word. Honor, the desire for vengeance,[329] were as nothing to him now. If she should recoverif God should give her back to him, he would hold her against Norman, against the whole world, no matter what she had done, how deeply she had sinned."I think he's fonder of men than of women!"